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Automated malware unpacking and artifact extraction

UNPACME is an automated malware unpacking service. Submissions to UNPACME are analyzed using a set of custom unpacking and artifact extraction processes. These processes extract all encrypted or packed payloads from the submission and return a unique set of payloads to the user. In short, UNPACME automates the first step in your malware analysis process.

All the malware unpacking and file analysis features are also available through our API. With our API it is easily integrate our unpacker into your malware analysis pipeline and begin unpacking at scale!



  • Malware Reverse Engineering Training

    Through OALABS we want to bring you the kind of reverse engineering tutorials that we wished we had when we were first learning to analyze malware. With Patreon we offer access to a wide variety of tutorials and workshops aimed at all skill levels. Our RE101 level tutorials cover important topics like how to setup a malware analysis lab, as well as reverse engineering fundaments like learning assembly, and how to use a debugger. Our RE201 level tutorials cover malware analysis specific topics like how to bypass anti-analysis checks in malware, and how to resolve dynamic imports. Our RE504 level tutorials cover advanced reverse engineering topics like how to bypass software protectors such as Themida, and VMProtect. Patreon also allows us to maintain a set of free publicly available malware analysis tutorials on YouTube as well as weekly malware analysis streams on Twitch. Patreon

  • YouTube Tutorials

    Our YouTube channel is dedicated to publishing free in-depth malware analysis tutorials, analysis, and reverse engineering tips. YouTube is one of our main ways to share back to our community and we often unlock modules from our Patreon workshops for free on YouTube. YouTube

  • We Are Live On Twitch

    We stream live on Twitch at least once a week, and often more frequently. Our streams are relaxed discussion-driven explorations of malware analysis topics. The streams are community oriented and we encourage our viewers to help us with ongoing research projects, and reverse engineering challenges. Twitch

  • Open Source Tools and Projects

    We maintain a suite of free, open source, malware analysis services and tools on GitHub. One of our more popular tools is HashDB a service for automatically resolving dynamic imports in malware. GitHub

  • Join The Community

    We host a public Discord server for malware analysts and reverse engineers. If you want to collaborate with other analysts, work on open source projects, ask questions, or just hang out, we welcome you! Discord

Our Mission

At Open Analysis our mission is to provide open, high quality, automated malware analysis services to organizations and individuals. We strive to empower the analyst so they know both what, and why, at scale.

Our Team

Sean Wilson

Sean is a co-founder of Open Analysis. He splits his time between reverse engineering malware and building automation tools for incident response. He is an active contributor to open source security tools focused on incident response and analysis. Sean brings over a decade of experience working in a number of incident response and application security roles with a focus on security testing and threat modelling.

Sergei Frankoff

Sergei is a co-founder of Open Analysis. When he is not reverse engineering malware Sergei is focused on building automation tools for malware analysis. Sergei is a strong believer in taking an open, community approach to combating cyber crime and is an active contributor to multiple open source projects. With over a decade in the security industry Sergei has extensive experience working at the intersection of incident response and threat intelligence.

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